Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Day of School

Oh the anticipation was too much to bear. What will the class be like? Will she have any friends? Did I make the right choice in schools? I'm sure she was nervous too, but not possibly as nervous as I was!

Drop off was equally aganizing... "I only packed her a sandwich in a bag- all the other kids have fancy pails with chips and juice and cookies...will she ever overcome the dissapointment?"

The classroom was heavenly, with educational wonders at every turn. The teacher was equally wonderful... and the kids! Oh, sweetest little darlings on earth, hand-picked by this teacher for her perfect little 7 child sensory-driven class! I can't believe we made it off the waiting list!

After 3 of the longest hours of my life, I returned, anxiously awaiting the report... "How was it? What did you do? Who did you play with? Were they nice? Did you like your teacher? What did the other kids have for lunch? You want a lunch pail? I think we should definately get you a lunch pail. Did you have fun? Did you learn anything? Well? Did you? How was it???"

School girl: "Good."

Mommy: "Good? Good!" (Sigh!)

Our little girl is growing up! Sniffle Sniffle!


Sara said...

I know how you feel. Emma's first day of 1st grade is tomorrow. I can not believe it! I am so sad she's going to be gone ALL DAY!!! The sad thing about school when they get older is you don't have a lot of choices. We either have public school or home school. (we're on the waiting list for the charter school.) Also, I hate that they won't let you switch teachers in public school. It's so nice to have several preschools and teachers to choose from when they are little.

Vicky Durham said...

Priceless! : )