Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday Boy

Wow! Has it been a year already? I just had him yesterday, didn't I?

Sunday was my baby's 1st birthday. *Sniff Sniff.* It seems like with my first I was always wishing her life away...
"I can wait until she rolls over! ... until she can say my name! ... until she can walk! ... until she can hold her own spoon!" You get the idea.

I suppose by the time the second child has come along, you realize how quickly they grow up. With him, I am savoring every moment...
"No rush to roll over, mommy will get you that toy! ...no need to walk Bud, I will carry you everywhere! ... just stay little... who needs toddler-hood?"

Even all my wishing couldn't keep this birthday away.

1st cupcake

It's a hit!

Opening presents with Big Sis' help

Horay! Clap for toys!

What a fun birthday, and now he is stocked in his OWN toys that sister can't steal... at least when mommy is watching.

Now I have to prepare myself for birthday number 2!


Dustin and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Stryder! Wow! One year old already!? I can't believe it!

KlareBear said...

Seriously!?! It's been a year already?? Well, he has stayed so stinkin' cute, that's for sure!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Stryder!!

Bobbie said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday! Take lots of pictures the grow up way too fast :)