Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Blessing

As you all know by now, I just LOVE seeing Sweet Abigail products on Babies, Big Girls, and Moms alike! Not only does it make the bow so much more beautiful than it ever could be on a card, but it makes me happy knowing that something I worked so hard to make is making someone else happy.

I just have to post some pictures of adorable baby Harley at her blessing (I just *love* her name!). She is wearing the Small Gumdrop in all white, on one of our Nylon Interchangeable headbands. Isn't she adorable?!?!

And here is another one with Harley wearing the Wild One Gumdrop with Zebra.

Congratulations Garett and Leslie on such a beautiful baby girl! And thank you for letting me share her beauty with the world!

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Presley family said...

She is such a doll!!