Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And we're off!

Welcome to the Sweet Abigail Blog! This is where you will find all the 'Sweet' tidbits that go on behind the scenes of Sweet Abigail: juggling the kiddos, the piles of laundry, the messy craft area in the garage... and everything else that goes into being a Super Mommy by day and a Crazy Crafter by night.

I have to give kuddos to my AMAZING web designer, Bobbie of The Nifty Studio. Absolutely the most wonderful person to work with, she made all my design dreams come true. Her style is right up my alley, and her creations are brilliant. I couldn't be more pleased with the work she did for me, and I have received countless compliments! She created the web design for Sweet Abigail after a thought I had of my Abby running through a field chasing butterflies. The designs she came up with are just adorable! She is so talented!

Please bear with me as I struggle to get all the remaining products up on the site. My 9 month old son just started walking and teething last week- quite the combo. Poor guy! Poor Mom! Big sister Abby has been such a great little mommy- fetching him an endless supply of crackers and warning me when he gets too close to any toilet or stairs (did I mention he is lightning fast.. and he has been somehow equipt with a stealth mode). I usually work at night- kids in bed at 8pm, mom up until work is done. Lately, however, my teething munchkin wakes up every 1/2 hour until I give up around 10 and just take him to bed with me. There goes all my work hours! I promise I will get everything up soon.

Well in light of the recent success of the BabyTime Expo in San Diego, we will be appearing in about 1 expo a month for the rest of the year. Please check the Event Calendar on my site for dates and times. If any of them are near you, shows are a great way to take advantage of show specials and stock up on products! You will find deals and products there that aren't on our site!

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