Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Spider

So I have a HUGE, unexplainable fear of spiders. Big or small, to me they are all equally terrifying. The other night while I was crafting, a giant Daddy Longleggs came strolling over the arm of our couch and made a reach for my arm. Lucky my 'Spidey Sense' was on and I noticed the terrifying creature just in time to jump through the air faster than the speed of light. Normally I would call my hubby to come wrangle the lanky beast and relocate him outside. However, to my dismay, my hubby had fallen asleep on the next couch over, and was looking rather peaceful. Not having the heart to wake him, it was all I could to to find a Ziploc container and trap the spider inside. Releasing him at that hour was COMPLETELY out of the question (it was dark, and what if he jumped on me?) so I placed him (in his tightly sealed container) on our kitchen counter, thinking I would inform my husband in the morning, and he would release him.

By the next afternoon I forgotten all about the spider lurking in the ziploc, and by this time, he had been camoflauged in an ever-growing pile of dishes. When my husband started doing the dishes, I didn't think anything of it. Then, my poor, unsuspecting husband reached for the ziploc.... imagine his surprise when, after removing the lid of this innocent-looking container, a giant spider jumped out and began climbing up his arm! After struggling with the beast for several minutes, he finally managed to stuff it down the garbage disposal.

After telling me the story with a laugh, my sweet hubby requested that any future trapped spiders be placed on another part of the counter. I sheepishly ablidged.

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Rebecca Whitcomb North said...

This is a hilarious story! It made me laugh out loud, I had to tell it to my husband.