Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Mother's Work is Never Done

It's 3:18 AM as I am writing this. What have I been up to the past few hours to keep me up so late? Scrubbing toilets. Well, not JUST scrubbing toilets.

A friend of mine came over today. Amidst the catching up we did, she asked, "How do you do it-balancing kids, a household, a business and all?" I told her, "Oh, it's no big deal. I just do it." That conversation came into my mind as I was doing some long-over-due cleaning a few minutes ago. I must be the only insane woman up this late, besides fellow crazy mothers. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Here is a breakdown of the past few hours:

Dinner, everybody wash up, clear table, 1/2 hour walk with kiddos and hubby, straight to bath, jammies on, brush teeth, 2 stories, kiss kiss. Stryder, go to sleep. Kiss kiss one more time. Ahhh. 9:00- kids asleep.

Orders to fill, emails to answer, internet research to do to find a great Patent Attorney and Reps for my product. It's 1am. I would like to sleep, but there is too much to do.

Promised Abby I would wash her favorite jammies- the new ones we got from Costco that have cute little penguins on them. A midnight accident put them out of commission last week, and I have promised for the past 3 days I would wash them for her. Tonight I REALLY have to wash them. LAUNDRY. Then, tackle the front room AKA the toy room. We had 4 friends over to play today. Toys everywhere. *Sigh*. Toilets need scrubbing... BADLY. With Clorox and paper towels tucked under my arm, me and my Scrubbing Bubble friends tackle all 3. Too tired for toy pick-up tonight. Will try to get to that tomorrow after preschool drop-off, post office and grocery shopping.

Currently taking a break to post my busy evening. Next: 3 days of neglected dishes. Bedtime around 4:15 most likely. Kiddos up at 7am, and it starts all over again.

A mother's work is never done.

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Sara said...

You are a crazy woman! Really, good job "just doing it". I struggle with working past when the kids go to bed. I am just pooped, but it is such a good time to get things done.