Saturday, October 17, 2009

On a sweet note...

I love hearing from customers and fellow vendors I have met at past expos. Today I was fortunate to hear from a sweet woman who is one in the same. Julie was selling yummy The Chocolate Traveler chocolate at the E Premier Expo, and ended up purchasing a tutu for her daughter, Avery. We shared a few laughs because Tom and I were deciding between the names 'Avery' and 'Abigail' up until a few hours before Abby was born!

Julie was so sweet to let me know that Avery wears her tutu all the time, and even wore it to school today. Isn't she just so cute?

I just have to mention the chocolate that Julie sells. If you are looking for holiday gift ideas, The Chocolate Traveler is the way to go! The chocolate is the best I have EVER tasted, it is packaged beautifully, and it is inexpensive! You can buy a case of 12 tins from their website for only $29.99. That is only $2.50 per tin! What a great yummy (and economical) gift for friends, colleagues, neighbors, or even to have around the house in preparation of those surprise 'drop-off' gifts around Christmas time!

P.S. I highly recommend the Dulce De Leche! Mmmm!

Thank you Julie and Avery for the adorable picture! I hope to see you at another expo very soon!

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Dustin and Melissa said...

Chocolate...yummy! You'll never see me turn down chocolate! :)